RC Stocking fillers for Christmas 2023

1. WL Toys 284010 Micro Ford fiesta RC drift car

The WL Toys 284010 & WLtoys 284131 2.4G RC Mini Drift Car. These mini drift cars are the perfect stocking fillers for kids who love the excitement of drifting and racing. 

They’re compact, making them ideal for indoor or small outdoor spaces. With responsive controls, they offer precise maneuverability, allowing kids to perform thrilling drifts and sharp turns. These little cars pack a big punch in terms of fun.

Radio-controlled.co.uk also sell these with an add-on of drift wheels. These allow the car to slide round corners, turning these little cars into Tokyo drift machines.

WL toys 284010

2. SYMA S107G Micro RC Helicopter

 The SYMA S107G Micro RC Helicopter is a tiny yet thrilling gift for young aviators. It's easy to control and provides a real helicopter experience, making indoor flights a breeze. With its stable flight characteristics, it's perfect for beginners and offers an excellent introduction to the world of remote-controlled flying.

SYMA S107G RC helicopter

3. Pinecone SG2410 Ford Fiesta RC Rally Car

The Pinecone SG2410 Ford Fiesta RC Rally Car: The Pinecone SG2410 is a fantastic choice for kids who dream of racing like the professionals. This RC rally car is affordable and replicates the look and feel of a real rally car. With its precise controls and impressive speed, it's a great way for kids to experience the thrill of racing right in their own backyard. The car is 1/14th scale and comes with everything you need to run the car (just add 2 AA batteries to the controller)

Pinecone SG2410 RTR RC rally car

4. Pinecone SG2402 RC Landrover Discovery in Green or Blue

The pinecone SG2402 Green Blue: The SG2402 Green Blue RC car is designed for off-road adventures. It's built to withstand rough terrain, making it an ideal choice for outdoor fun. With its robust construction and budget-friendly price, it offers hours of exciting off-road action. The striking green and blue design adds to its appeal. As with any Landrover you are getting something that can manage the steepest of climbs and descents. This is a slower speed vehicle so we think its great for younger kids who might be new to driving

Pinecone SG2402

5. SCY 16201 RC Buggy 4WD

The SCY 16201 RC Buggy 4WD: The SCY 16101 RC Buggy is an excellent choice for kids who enjoy off-road action. With its four-wheel drive system, it can handle various terrains, from dirt trails to grassy fields. This budget-friendly RC buggy offers both durability and speed, making it perfect for adventurous outdoor play. This buggy along with its sister truck the 16202 are rugged and reliable so no need to worry about these breaking under normal use

SCY-16201 PRO

6. Pinecone RC SG-1609 RC Drift Truck

The Pinecone RC SG-1609 Drift Truck: The Pinecone SG-1609 Drift Truck Lorry is tailor-made for kids who love the thrill of drift racing. This RC truck offers the best of both worlds with its versatile tires. It comes equipped with grippy tires for superb traction, ensuring stability on various surfaces. But that's not all; it also includes specialized drift tires that allow for breathtaking drifts and slides. With its affordable price point, it's a great gift for kids who want to master the art of controlled drifting in style. Whether they prefer gripping the terrain or executing impressive drifts, this RC truck has them covered.

Pinecone SG-1610 RC Drif truck

7. Rlaarlo Diavae 1/18th RC Monster Truck 

Rlaarlo Diavae 1/18th Monster Truck The Rlaarlo Diavae 1/18th Monster Truck is one of the most rugged and reliable cars we offer. With a powerful brushed motor, it's built for some serious off-road action. This monster truck is ready to conquer rough terrains and obstacles, making it the perfect companion for outdoor adventures. Its oversized wheels provide excellent traction and stability, allowing kids to navigate various surfaces with ease. The brushed motor ensures a balance between speed and control, making it a fantastic choice for young racers. With its durability and rugged design, the Rlaarlo Diavae offers an adrenaline-pumping experience that your child will love. It's an exceptional addition to any RC collection, promising endless hours of exciting fun during your child's Christmas in 2023

RLAARLO Monster truck

8. UDI Series of Brushless Models (Beetle, Porsche 911, Lancia Delta, Hoonigan Style Drift Truck)

8. UDI Series of Brushless Models (Beetle, Porsche 911, Lancia Delta, Hoonigan Style Drift Truck): The UDI series of brushless RC cars offers an array of stylish and high-performance options for kids who love speed and precision. Choose from a variety of iconic car models, including the Beetle, Porsche 911, Lancia Delta, and a Hoonigan-style drift truck. With brushless motors, these cars provide top-notch speed and control, making them ideal for racing enthusiasts. The attention to detail in their design adds to the excitement, offering a realistic experience that young car enthusiasts will adore. Whether they prefer classic cars or a modern drift truck, the UDI series has something for every RC car fan.

9. C128 Military Spy RC Helicopter with HD Camera

5. C128 Military Spy RC Helicopter with HD Camera: For tech-savvy kids who love gadgets, the C128 Military Spy RC Helicopter is a unique choice. Equipped with an HD camera, it allows kids to capture aerial photos and videos while piloting the helicopter. It adds a whole new dimension to the RC experience, and it's perfect for aspiring photographers and videographers. An amazing piece of kit especially for the price. This is a new and improved version with the higher grade camera.

C128 RC Spy Helicopter

10. Haiboxing 2105A RTR with additional sand paddle wheels

 The Haiboxing HBX2105A mini monster truck with 2 sets of tyres: Radio-controlled.co.uk worked with haiboxing to bring you this special deal where this brushless mini minster truck comes with an extra set of wheels especially designed for the beach. This mini buggy style truck is equipped with an excellent brushless motor which delivers endless power. Haiboxing have delivered some of the best products of the year when it comes to cheaper RC cars and this one is no exception. This often gets overshadowed by its larger brothers, but we think this one is a steal for Chrismas!

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