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RGT Racing is a brand that is becoming synonymous with high quality RC rock crawlers. With RGT rock crawlers you know you are getting a high quality product at a great price. The thing that sets them apart is the use of high quality electronics and most specifically motors and speed controllers that are required to make these amazing trucks go slowly and climb up ridiculous inclines.

When you buy RGT crawlers from radio-conrolled.co.uk you will receive these quality products in record time.

RGT racing  is a company that work by a group of RC car professional that has more than 10years experience of
RC car manufacturing. Our team behind the company has the vision of building RC cars that very one can race.
We are a company that has our own design team to design from ground up and manufacturing. Our factory has
averagely 300-350 workers that has production capacity of average 30,000cars a month. We welcome customer
all over the world to visit our factory.