We’ll help you choose the 7 best of MJS Hyper go RC car for you

We'll help you choose the 7 best of MJS Hyper go RC car for you

Guangdong Meijiaxin Innovative Technology Co., Ltd. (MJX) is a cutting-edge technology company specializing in the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of RC drones and quadcopters. With a world-class professional engineering team, MJX possesses advanced expertise in the field of RC drones and a keen understanding of international market demands. Through years of technological advancement, MJX has accumulated extensive experience in RC drone flight control, image transmission, power systems, and GPS positioning systems

MJX introduce hyper go series of RC cars

MJX Hypter Go Logo

MJX initially produced drones, and off the back of this they have been massively successful in moving into the RC car business.

MJX Hyper Go series of RC cars take learnings from their drones (and some parts in some cases) in order to create so really unique and high quality RC cars.

In this article we will aim to talk through the range and help you choose the best for you.

The best MJX hyper go for drifting & best for on road

The hyper go 143 range is a 1/14th scale RC with an amazing level of detail. These little cars get rave reviews online, and are truely some ofthe best value RC cars avvailable on the market today.

The small scale makes them more suitable for road use. Whyst they are advertised for off road, and with 2 of them being based on classic rally cars, unfirmtunately due to the size of the wheels they do struggle wheen the going gets tough.

However, all 3 of the models come with drift wheels and tyres, so this opens up another use for these litte machines making the fun even greater. These little cars are one of our biggest sellers on radio-controlled.co.uk where you can gt the best prices guaranteed.

All of these models come with spare drift wheels and are 2-3S capable ouf of the box.

The best MJX hyper go for off road

The MJX Hyper go 14210 is currently the top dog on the cheaper side of thigs for off road RC.

Its a high qulity durable 4×4 truggy with extreamly high powered motor. The ESC has the capability of running 2s batteries (included) or optional 3S batteries.

The low profile body means that it doesnt contacntly flip over like some other cheaper RC’s, whilst the oil shocks allow for excellent ground control and cornering.

The robust plastics that the hyper go series use is relatively bomb proof so you can expect the 14210 to be able to take some big hits easily.

MJX hyper go 14210

The best value MJX Hyper go

These 2  little trucks are quite frankly awesome. 

At radio-controlled.co.uk we frequently have these on sale at super discount prices…. but lets not just focus on price…

These 2 rc cars back a punch, and just like the rest of the hyper go series they are 3S campable. They come with a great 2S battery, but can easily handle more power. 

We do add on packages with 3S batteries should you want to upgrade immediately from the shop.

With a high level or robustness and ease of control these also make the a good option for younger RC’ers. The controller has a throttle trip to slow the car down, but plenty of power there for when its dads go on the controls

MJX hyper go 16208
MJX hyper go 16209

The maddest MJX Hyper Go

MJX Hyper go 16207

OK…. now we’ve saved the craziest RC til last.

The MJX Hyper GO 16207 is a lightweight 1.16th buggy that comes with 3S. This one is not for the faint hearted. The combination of light weight and 3S battery make this thing go like crazy.

We love this RC for its beastly charachter, and if you are looking for straightline performance this combination of weight and power cant go wrong.

This is even topped off by the face that we are currently selling it for under £100… what a deal.