What’s the best age to get rc cars for kids?

At radio-controlled.co.uk we are asked frequently about what is the best age to get rc cars for kids. In this article we will discuss some of the considerations about what age is appropriate for certain rc cars for kids and make some recommendations on rc cars for kids that are appropriate age for kids. We will also discuss some best practices to keep your kids safe using rc cars for kids

Safety first…

As with any hobby… safety has to be the first consideration when considering both if RC is right for your kids and when choosing the appropriate rc cars for kids.
Potential dangers of using rc cars for kids include:

  1. Lipo Batteries
    • LiPo batteries can potentially cause fires if not cared for properly. Any model with LiPo batteries should be for 14+ unless an adult is prepared to take complete responsibility for the charging process. Check out our guide to LiPo Batteries
  2. High speed
    • Some RC cars can achieve up to 100MPH and with some 1/8th scale buggies weighing in at 3-4kg and travelling at 30-40MPH a collision with an ankle can almost certainly cause some physical injuries.
  3. heat build up
    • Motors and speed controllers can build up heat and can reach the point where they can burn your skin. We advise that you take care when handling RC cars, and leave to cool when hot.
  4. fingers in moving parts
    • small fingers can get trapped in cogs and other moving parts.

Keeping kids safe using rc cars for kids

There are several tips you can apply to keep younger kids (under 14) safe and allow them to use faster RC cars that would normally be reserved for older kids…

  1. All battery charging and maintenance should be carried out by by adults or 14+ kids who can maintain the product and follow the safety instructions themselves.
  2. Only adults or 14+ kids should handle the cars themselves
  3. All attendees should stand on something that is raised above the ground. This helps avoid collisions with people.
  4. Have one adult per child, just in case you need to grab the controller.
  5. limit the speed of the RC car via the throttle trim on the controller
  6. Avoid public areas. You could be legally liable if you damage something or injure someone.
  7. Always comply with the safety instructions provided with the RC product

The best RC cars for under 14 years of age

We stock some of the best rc cars for kids under 14 year olds. Here are the top picks…

  1. The MN99 Crawler is a mini Landrover with a low amount of power… great rc car for smaller kids

2. The WL Toys 104311 is another great rc cars for kids due to its lower speed and eye catching design that kids seem to love.