Top 10 Cheapest RC Cars of 2022

Budget-friendly RC cars are becoming
increasingly popular with both long-time hobbyists and beginners alike. With so
many new products on the market, it can be hard to distinguish which models
offer the best value for the money.

This list is intended for those looking for
the cheapest, best quality RC cars available. These RC models are ideal as
gifts for kids or for anyone starting out and wanting to get into the hobby
before moving on to more expensive options. Most of these models can be
purchased for around 100 pounds or less.

In selecting rankings, we considered
factors including price, performance, value for money, and (most importantly)

#10 – Wltoys 284131 RC Mini Drift Car

Inspired by the fan-favorite Arrma Infraction model, the wltoys 285131 RC mini drift car is a great option for beginners. Everything is included in the box, including a 400mAh lithium battery, USB charger, transmitter, and spare body clips and gears. The car also comes with a metal drive shaft and a full set of bright LED lights that look great when taking it out on some night runs. Although the 130 brushed motor is small, the WL 284131 is powerful for its size.

The WLToys 284131 car is available here as single

The WLToys 284131 car is available here as a double pack

WL toys 284131
hbx spectre

#9 – HBX Spectre Desert Buggy


This budget-friendly desert buggy comes with great features at an even greater price. Out of the box, you’ll get a 1100mAh battery, USB charger, decal sheet, and a fully functional transmitter with trim settings and a speed adjustment switch. Although the frame is small, it includes a nice set of wheels for peak off-road performance. The tires are firm, but testing has shown them to perform nicely off road. Additional features include a set of LED lights (which look great even in daylight), a dust cover on the back wheel, and a strong roll cage.

#8 – HBX 903 Vanguard Monster Truck


This cheap RC is aimed at beginners who want something fast and durable that can handle larger jumps and terrain. The box includes a decal sheet, USB charger, spare body clips, and LED lights that you will need to fit yourself. The RC truck runs on a 1500mAh battery, which, although small for the truck’s size, lasts a good amount of time. With lots of ground clearance, the truck can easily move around different surfaces. The plastic components make it flexible and durable, and shock upgrades are available at an added cost.

HBX 903a cheap radio controlled car
Flyhal fc601 best cheap RC cars

#7 – Flyhal FC610 Truck

The FC610 is a cheap RC truck that includes many great standard features. It’s powered by a set of two 1600mAh batteries and includes a USB charger, decal sheets, and spare body clips and wheel nuts. The detailed green design and large wheels make it arguably the best-looking RC truck in its price range. Its performance is also unbeatable for the price, especially considering that it comes fully loaded with upgrades out of the box at a fraction of the cost of more expensive models.

#6 – Wltoys 124018 Dune Buggy with Drivers

One of the best cheap off-roader RCs on the market, the WLToys 124018 is a fun toy to add to your collection. The box includes a 2200mAh battery, USB charger, and standard Wltoys transmitter with throttle adjustments. With updated shocks and a fast max speed (around 30 mph), you’ll have a blast running this car on many different surfaces. It’s also arguably the best designed RC car in the Wltoys lineup. Faster, brushless versions are available if desired.

Get the WLToys 124018 here

WL Toys 124018 Sand buggy
EAT14 pro cheap buggy

#5 – Eachine EAT 14 Buggy


This brushless, ready-to-run buggy is a fast and fun (but still wallet-friendly) RC car. The box includes a 2800mAh battery, USB charger, mini screwdriver, optional bumper, and your typical Wltoys-style transmitter. A variety of upgrade options are also available with additional features and accessories. The lightening design is sleek and fun and is available in either blue or purple. When it comes to performance, the EAT 14 is extremely durable and fast with smooth shocks that are impressive for a buggy of this price.

#4 – Wltoys 144002 Mini Monster Truck


This mini monster truck comes with notable upgrades that makes it a top truck contender on this list. Although its speed could be improved, it’s primarily meant for off-roading and clearing terrain, not racing. The box includes a set of LED lights, a 1500mAh battery, a USB charger, and a standard issue Wltoys transmitter. Everything is metal, including the RC’s shock towers and drive shaft, which makes it a quality RC buy at this price. Overall, it has been tested to perform well and is more capable and fun to drive on smooth and complex surfaces with its larger wheels.


#3 – Wltoys 144001 Buggy


One of the most reviewed and favorited RC cars on the market, the 144001 offers a great RC experience at an even better value. It includes a 1500mAh battery, a USB charger, a mini screwdriver, an optional bumper, and a standard-issue Wltoys transmitter. Speed and performance are exceptional and on par with hobby-grade RCs that sell for significantly more money. The car body and wheels also look sleek and modern and come loaded with metal components for a quality product you’ll love toying with.

#2 – Wltoys 124016 v2 Dune Buggy

The wltoys 124016 v2 is a high-performance RC that is both friendly on the budget and exceptionally fun and durable. The box includes a USB charger, standard transmitter, and a 2200mAh battery for exceptional drive time. The high-efficiency brushless motor allows for speeds up to around 45 mph (or 75 kph). The built-in extra tire on top provides added stability, and strong torque power allows for fun moves and racing across different surfaces and terrain. Overall, it’s a great buggy to get muddy with! The wl toys 124016 v2 is improved on the v1 by adding a new motor and gearing ratio.

WL Toys 124016 v2 available here

WL Toys 124018 Sand buggy
WL toys 124017

#1 – Wltoys 124017 v2 Racing Buggy


An incredibly fast and fun buggy, the wl toys 124017 v2 takes the top spot on our list of the best cheap RC cars of 2022. Regardless if you’re a beginner or a weathered RC hobbyist, this car offers an incredible value for the price. Out of the box, you’ll receive a USB charger, wrench, 2200mAh battery, and a standard Wltoys transmitter with throttle adjustment capabilities. The chassis is made of an aluminum alloy material, which provides strong stability as it zooms across terrain of all types at more than 45 mph (75 kph). The oil-filled hardware shock dampers also allow for peak performance regardless of the running surfaces. Upgraded brushless motor options are available if you’re craving faster speed and higher efficiency.

The wlToys 124017 vs is available to buy here!