The best rc cars for adults

Wondering what the best rc cars for adults are? Maybe you have a kid and want to introduce them into the world of RC you remember as a child and would love to get involved too. Well, you’re in the right place!

RC has come a long way in the 20 years since I became fascinated with RC cars. As a 12 year old I became fascinated with Tamiya kits and it was almost all I knew. At the time many other cars and kits were not of great quality. The good news is that things have changed, and cars from china are now of very high quality as long as you choose carefully. Luckly we have you covered as we have preselected the best quality rc cars for adults. This has made the hobby a lot cheaper for new customers to get into.


With the growth of the hobby, the variety of rc cars for adults has also increased. Check out below our table of categories for best rc cars for adults and various levels of entry. We think that, as a newbie you will be sure to find something in these categories…. we only recommend quality products here:

best rc cars for adults by category

CategoryWhat is this categoryCheap RC’sExpensive RC’sKits
RC Off road buggiesOff road buggies are probably the most common RC cars, they have small bodies with large wheels and are happy on a lawn, gravel or a dirt track. There are many clubs and race tracks around the UK and some are even indoors on carpet.WL Toys 144010ZD Racing – Pirates 3 BuggyTeam Associated 4wd Buggy Kit
large rc cars for adultsHBX 901A
Team Associated T6.2
RC Drift carsHSP Flying Fish

WL Toys 284131
RC Street bashersUDIRC 1601
RC CrawlersMN99s Landrover crawler

RGT 18000
Gmade – Komodo has the best selection of electric rc cars for adults fast 100 mph