Review of the Haiboxing HBX 16889a Pro

I believe that the HBX 16889A PRO is the best little hammer I’ve ever used.

The Haiboxing HBX 16889a Pro is a well-equipped 1/16 scale 4WD offroad RC monster truck (HBX). It is based on the same vehicle that I examined here more than a year ago and that also received my basher of the year award for 2020. That vehicle was sold under the designations SG 1601, SG 1602, and HBX 16889. This version contains a number of upgrades, which I’ll go over in detail in this article and explain how they all work together to improve the vehicle.

In the 1/14 and 1/16 scale off-road RC car category, there have been several releases recently. Some of them are fantastic, like the HBX 16886 Spectre, while others aren’t so great, like the Bonsai 141600. The WL Toys 144001, for which I have written over 30 upgrade articles, and the HBX 16889, the winner of my budget basher of the year award for 2020, came before them. The 144010, a brushless version of the 144001, was announced but won’t be available for several months, while the 16889 Pro, the focus of this review, is still brushless but has received numerous improvements.

People who are unfamiliar with the HBX 16889 will be able to see all of its features in this review, while those who are familiar with it will be able to see the enhancements. We’ll start by taking a thorough look at the specifications and parts, followed by an assessment of how the car drives. I’ll summarise with which I believe is better for various consumers at the conclusion.

Despite having a modified truggy-style body, a rear spoiler, and a little less aggressive tread pattern, the FlyHal FC600 seen to the left is similar to the HBX 16889a pro reviewed here. Additionally, it costs less in general and includes two batteries rather than just one. For the most recent discount, visit the coupons & discounts page.
a detailed examination of the parts and size specifications. This truck is reportedly 1/16 scale, and I tend to agree. Below is a picture of it next to some of the other well-known 1/14 and 1/16 size models:

Motor are shown from left to right. The HBX 16889a Pro uses a brushless 2840 motor with a 3800kv rating. This contrasts with either the 390 motor in the brushed 16889 or the brushless 2435 3900kv in the standard 16889. For a car this compact and light, the 2840 is a fairly large motor, so you can anticipate the power to match. Keep in mind that brushless motors are a significant improvement in vehicles in this price range and are rather uncommon. Brushed motor counterparts, in contrast, are slow and ineffective. In the actual world, this translates to longer battery life and faster speed.

Motor Can has a diameter of 28mm.

2840 40mm long The motors have a proper grub screw M0.6 14t pinion in place of the press-fit pinion that was used in the earlier models because they have a larger 3.2mm diameter shaft than the 2435 and 390 motors.