’s staff picks for the best RC car of 2023

If you have researched RC cars on youtube recently you will surely have seen this car, the WL Toys 124008. Its a revamped version of the WL Toys 124017, but it comes with a pliable pnastic tub base which is far better for durability. They are clearly taking a leaf our of their sister brand MJX’s book with the chassis, and based on the MJX’s massive popularity this new WL toys is coming highly recommended and a firm favorite in the RCUK office.

Comes in 2 versions with varying battery sizes, and we also sell the batteries as ad on products. fine the WL toys 124008 here.

WLToys 124008 Brushless buggy
WLToys 124008 Brushless buggy
WL Toys 284161 1/28th micro buggy

The WL Toys 284161 1/28th micro buggy is a new micro off road offering from WL toys.

In the past WL toys have produced the 284131 and the K959 micro drift truck and rally car. Both of these products have been massively polular with both parents/kids and finatic wanting to build kitchen drift mod cars.

This new offering ads an offroad angle to the 1/28th platform and it delivers soo much fun in a small package.

MJX 16401

The MJX 14301 hoonigan style drift truck is proof that the chinese manufacturers can keep up with the big brands. This truck is an on road monster with potential to be a drift machine too. With full metal gears, drive shafts and bearings and high quality electronics.

Its hard to believe you get all of this in a ready to run package for under £130 in the UK. All available with 48 hour delivery in the UK and 4 day delivery in the UK from

If you fancy another option theres also a lancia delta rally option the MJX 14302

MJX-14301 RC Drift Truck

Rlaarlo 16th Off road RC monster truck

RLAARLO RC Monster truck
RLAARLO RC Monster truck

This little rc monster truck from Rlaarlo is amazing fun for a low price.

Whilst its not a high spec machine it still packs a punch. You might get skeptical over the lack of oil shocks, but this little truck is so light that it doesnt really need heavy duty shocks.

With plenty of options in the office, this one is actually the most used RC we have lying around…. its just so easy to pik up and start running and never fail to put a smile on peoples faces.

It definately borders more on the toy side of things, so its great for kids and adults to share.

The RGT 86100 v2 is probably the king of crawlers for under £200. Whilst toy crawlers can feel like they really struggle then trying to climb, the RGT products really seem to do what you ask for, witth low gearing, high quality electronics and thought through dynamics. Add on a set of grippy tyres and they really have hit the nail on the head with an absolute bargain of a product.

If you want a cheap crawler the RGT 86100 v2 really is the best you’ll get!

Rgt-Ex86100v2 RC crawler truck
Rgt-Ex86100v2 RC crawler truck