Off Road Remote Control Car

off road remote control car

Do you have the need for speed? Radio Controlled will have RC geeks weak at the knees with their huge range of off road remote control car models, plastic model kits, drones, RC drift cars, RC planes, RC helicopters, RC monster trucks, RC boats, spares and accessories.

Radio Controlled is an Aladin’s cave of remote control delights with so many options to choose from, whether it is your first RC car or you are looking to upgrade. What set of wheels are you going for next? Are you going to venture into the world of RC offroad?

What are off road RC Cars?

Off-road RC cars are similar to road cars except that they are made to withstand the difficulties presented by rough terrain. These are particularly well-liked by those who enjoy exploring the countryside because it’s a lot of fun to drive over rocks and through mud.

For individuals seeking a faster alternative to road vehicles, an off-road remote control truck is an excellent choice because it can endure the demanding circumstances found in off-road locations.

RC Rock Crawlers

Remotely controlled crawlers, or RC Rock crawlers, are made to climb over rocks and ascend steep inclines. They provide a distinct kind of driving challenge, one that is more focused on maintaining control over difficult terrain than pure peak speed. Their technical climbing skill more than makes up for their lack of speed.

RC Car Materials

The chassis of modern RC cars are primarily made of aluminium, woven carbon fibre, moulded plastic, and moulded fiber-reinforced plastic. Since each of these materials has advantages and disadvantages of its own, it’s critical to select the appropriate one for each application.

Popular brands of off road remote control car we stock

How long do RC Cars last?

RC cars work for up to ten years on average. This estimate, however, may be misleading because you will use the car a lot and most parts, such as the engine and motor, may get damaged and require immediate repair. The lifetime will consequently drastically decline.

The good news is that your remote control car may survive anywhere from three to seven years, depending on the price and how well you maintain its parts.

How long does the battery last on electric RC cars and RC trucks?

The kind of battery you have, its manufacturer, model, and maintenance practices will all affect how long it lasts. The battery in RC cars have a one to two-hour runtime before needing to be charged again. The higher speed your RC car has may also impact the battery life; faster speed means faster battery drain.

Also, because they are constantly charging at high rates, they lose efficiency and wear down quickly, with an average lifespan of three to six months. Most RC car batteries, however, have a longer lifespan. NiMH batteries, for example, have a three to five year lifespan, but LiPo batteries have a 150 to 300 charge cycle.

Which lasts longer, a nitro engine or an electric motor?

Since electricity is needed to operate electric radio control cars, the motor in an electric remote control (RC) doubles as a battery pack. However, the engines powering nitro cars typically run on petrol derived from methanol.

There are two types of electric motors: brushless and brushed. In comparison, brushed motors endure less than six months, whereas brushless motors last more than a year.

On the other hand, with careful storage, nitro fuel can last up to two years in good condition. However, this is rare because the nitro engine typically needs six to eight gallons of fuel to run, which might take anywhere from six to eight months.

Why buy a radio control vehicle for kids?


RC cars are a perfect chance for a family to strengthen their bonds with one another. Every member of the family will enjoy themselves whether you are trying to do skills at home or racing them in an open space.


Like our regular cars, remote-control cars too require regular maintenance. Children will benefit from this by learning some life lessons that will help them grow up to be responsible individuals.

Eventually, kids will grasp all the ideas and be able to run the RC car on their own, even though they might need adult assistance to understand how to operate it. They will gain knowledge on how to take care of the RC car and be responsible.

Hand-eye Coordination:

Maintaining hand-eye coordination and paying close attention are essential when operating an RC car. A child can quickly acquire hand-eye coordination by playing with an RC car.

They will be able to run it faster as they become accustomed to handling the controls.

Encourages Playing Outdoors:

It’s true that kids enjoy playing outside. Well, playing outside will be even more thrilling with an RC car. It will be more enjoyable to play with an RC car outside rather than watching TV or playing video games.

When you’re outside with your kids, you can try out a few RC drift manoeuvres together.

Get Creative:

Children can construct the kits that come with RC cars. Because kids can create any design they desire, this improves their creativity. They may need a little assistance from you first but once they grasp the idea, they will soon become more imaginative.

Stress Relief:

Kids will experience stress from everyday activities like school, and as a parent, job and business routines will put you under a lot of strain. You and your youngster can both decompress from the day’s tension by spending an evening racing an RC vehicle.