Electric Remote Control Car

electric remote control cars

We all had an electric remote control car as a kid, they were great fun but the range of them wasn’t the best. The RC Cars available years ago were certainly not as advanced as the radio control electric cars you will see on the market today. With amazing accessories for radio control cars nowadays, there are so many possibilities.

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We have an extensive range of radio control cars, plastic model kits, spares and accessories, monster trucks, drones, helicopters, planes, and boats in our online shop. With 48-hour UK delivery, you can enjoy your Radio Control RC in no time.

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At Radio Controlled’s online shop, you do not need to look any further for a huge range of popular brands of radio control RC electric cars and 4WD radio control trucks with top models such as:

Why electric models are better than nitro cars

Electric radio controlled cars have become very popular and the technology in these cars improves each year. How do electric cars compare to nitro cars?

  • The method of power supply is the main distinction between nitro and electric remote-control models. RC cars fueled by petrol and nitro have an engine, whereas electric cars have a motor.
  • Nitro RC cars, employ an engine that is fed nitromethane-infused methanol as fuel. The structure of this engine is identical to that of an actual car. Nitro engines contain air filters, flywheels, crankshaft clutches, pistons, carburetors, complete fuel systems, crankshafts, and glow plugs (similar to spark plugs), just like a standard vehicle engine. The engine’s water pump and radiator work together to keep the engine from overheating. This means that there are a lot of parts to clean and maintain.
  • Since nitro RC cars have numerous parts on top of their metal chassis, they are heavier than electric ones. Although aluminium is lightweight, carbon fibre components that can be added to electric remote-controlled cars are still lighter.

Other Radio Control Models

Radio Control Boats

TKKJ H110 Remote Control Boat

  • The quality of this 1/10th RC speed boat is astoundingly good. Being a “self righting” RC speed boat, it can flip over on its own in the event of a capsize. We take our time when choosing and testing our products, and these are the first RC boats that we are offering for sale. This boat is most likely the fastest RC speed boat of 2022 in our shop considering its size and cost.


Foldable Drone Pro 2 with dual HD Cameras E99

  • With intelligent altitude hold, one-key takeoff and landing, and trajectory flying, the Drone Pro 2 is incredibly user-friendly. Capture stunning photos or create videos with a 4K dual camera that has a 50x zoom. Enjoy playing with the 3D rollover feature and snapping pictures with your hands by connecting it to your smartphone.

RC Helicopter C127 Sentry Spy Drone

  • The 720P wide-angle camera, the optical flow positioning, the 6-axis electronic gyroscope, and the barometer are incorporated to fix the height and ensure clear image transmission. With a very extended battery life, the flight is easier to control and more stable.

WESSD KY905 Mini Drone

  • We have examined the smallest KY series drone as far. It’s not quite as large as the E58 line. The quadcopter’s fuselage is composed of durable, high-strength engineering plastic that is lightweight, difficult to wear, and long-lasting. There are two cameras available: A wide-angle 1080P or 4K HD camera to record or take high-definition aerial pictures and movies.

Radio Control Planes

We have a wide range of radio control planes available from manufacturers Volantex, Kootai, WL Toys, and XFly.

Radio Control Helicopters

C128 Military spy RC helicopter with HD camera

  • This RC Helicopter has a flybarless design. The propeller design is based on aerodynamic principles to provide strong power and self-stability of the body. It has a straightforward 4-channel design, a 6-axis gyroscope for ultra-stable flying, and a barometer for optical flow placement and stable flight.

SMYA S107G Mini RC Helicopter

  • This little helicopter is ideal for novices and children because it is designed to survive the crashes of beginning pilots. This model is simpler to learn how to fly in self-balancing mode with the gyroscope control.