The best RC drifting clubs in the UK

RC drifting is a hobby that involves remote-controlled cars that are modified to slide or “drift” around corners. It is a popular sport among hobbyists and enthusiasts, and competitions are held both online and in person. RC drifting cars are typically powered by electric motors, and are highly customizable, with many aftermarket parts and upgrades available to improve performance and appearance. The goal of the sport is to achieve the longest and most controlled drift possible, often judged by a panel of judges or through a point system. has a selection of entry level RC Drift cars appropriate for all ages.

If you want to get serious about RC drifting, you might want to build your own track, join a local club or go to a regional track meet.

RC drift is a growing scene with an increasing number of tracks popping up all the time.

RC Drift tracks and clubs in the UK

RC Drift tracks and clubs in the UK

London RC drift clubs

Essex RC Drift Club –

Drift Essex –
Slide Dynamics RC –

Slide Junkiez –

South East
RC East of England –

Slide nation RC

South West / Hampshire/Dorset
Bracknell –
Unique RC –
Dorset Drift RC Club –
Gloucester RC Drift –

DoriZoku RC Drift Fife –

NRD (Northern Race and Drift Ratrap) –
GetYourDriftOn –
Stockport RC Drifters –
Drift Manj RC –

Kaido Drift –
Midlands Drift Warehouse –

Skid Society –

Ronin –

Midlands Drift Society (MDS) –
Skid Shed –

Unit 4 –

Drift Valley RC –

West Suffolk Drift –
Slide House –